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History’s future depends on you. See why you’re so important.

History’s future depends on you. See why you’re so important.

Help us out!

Rewrite history!

First, rewind to pre-Internet days.

Before we started putting everything from cat videos to family photos online, some priest or clerk had to jot down every birth, christening, marriage, and death by hand.

Drag the pen into the priest’s hand

So it’s written down. Now what?

Today, intrepid genealogists venture into dusty old church basements to recover historical records. Volunteers then photograph the documents and put them online.

Position the document in the viewfinder and snap a picture.

But wait! Here’s where you come in.

Computers are pretty good at beating people at chess, but they’re not great at reading fancy cursive or smudgy typed pages. So we need people like you to re-write the old records so computers can understand.

Type the names as you see them. Type the name in the field below.

There—that’s all there is to it!

Nice work. You’re part of something bigger now . . .

Thanks to you, the world’s records become searchable, and people can now find their ancestors! The living will thank you, and the dead are probably pretty grateful, too.

Drag the name in place on the family tree.

Micah Wood

Robert Wood

Julia Robertson

Julia Robertson

So there you have it. That’s indexing, and that’s why you are so important!

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